I'm an environmental scientist and Photographer based in FrancE.
I grew up in Raiatea, a small island in French Polynesia, and have always been fascinated by coral reefs' unique diversity of life. After spending a few years wandering in tropical places, it is increasingly the most remote and cold regions that draw me.

I work as an environmental scientist for the National Center for Scientific Research in France. I live onboard my sailboat "Tupaia", a Dufour 35 from 1974. This year, she is taking my partner and I to Patagonia, where we hope to spend the four seasons exploring the glaciers, fjords and peaks of this beautiful part of the world. Find SV Tupaia GPS tracking page here.
- Musée Océanographique de Monaco
- Tara Pacific Expedition
- Visa pour l'Image
- Musée de la Porte Dorée​​​​​​​
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